About Us

CQS has been working as an innovative Training, Event Management and Consulting Organization since 1999, after which in 2005 it was re-branded as "CQS-Pakistan".

In today's demanding and competitive world, Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Total Quality Management are essential, not only for success, but for survival. It means more than meeting product "specs" or delivering a "good" service, it is the organization-wide focus on continual improvement of all processes, products and services to satisfy customer expectations.

This quality focused approach requires fundamental changes within the organization on how people think, work and interact with each other, with their suppliers, and with their customers – both inside and outside of the organization. The old approach of responding to specific problems by "putting out fires", has to be changed to a new attitude. A new focus concentrating on problem prevention requires different behavioral skills. These skills are absolutely essential to make quality prevail every day, in every interaction process, product and service, at all levels of the organization.

CQS develops the individual and organizational potential to generate the ongoing, creative and practical solutions demanded in today's business environment.

With over 110 successful registrations through CQS to ISO 9001 in industrial and service sectors as diverse as heavy engineering, catering and public relations, we can offer the blend of expertise and experience necessary to enhance the operation of your management systems.

Design Bridge is a Specialized Division of CQS-Pakistan

Design Bridge provides wide range of cooperate identity solutions from design to print. Design Bridge delivers innovative designs solutions that strengthen the market value, share and also help organization to expand their businesses. We provide professional services and reliable technical support to ensure that Design Bridge is utilized to your maximum advantage.

We work on a partnership basis with clients to provide solutions that meet their needs, not ours. The success of CQS and Design Bridge can be attributed to our expertise, experience and the personal integrity of principles and associates.