CQS Training

Bridging the Global Gap

Your institution and its success are the focus of CQS trainings. A step-by-step approach breaks down complicated topics into concepts that are easy to understand and implement. Our interactive learning environment reduces the learning curve by including break-out sessions, video and framework. As a result, participants are able to apply their new skills to their work immediately.

CQS employees a team of highly skilled professional instructors to ensure effective trainings. Besides possessing strong teaching and mentoring skills, they have a practical experience in a broad range of industries. They motivate, encourage and take genuine interest in you and your organization.

CQS focuses on practical and results-oriented capacity building. We not only teach you the theories behind various methods and techniques, we show you how to apply them to your facility to make them work for you.

In-House Training

In-house course are held at your choice of location and time. The instructor is able to deal with unique situations encountered by your organization. All our courses area available in-house and can be customized further to meet your specific needs. This arrangement provides a cost-effective way to train a group of your employees.